Chainsaw Carving Event History from 2005

Eagle River 2005 Klondike Days Pictures

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Winners of the 2005 Klondike Days First National Bank's Chainsaw Carving Competion

1 - James Denkins - Prospector
2 - Justin Howland - Raccoons
3 - David Weatherhead - Climber
4 - Jared Nelson - 3 bears
5 - Lonnie Glines - Trapper
Other Carvers
6 - Jerry Schieffer
7 - Dave Bartels
8 - Ty Goss
9 - Steph Collin
10 - Gordon Lekies

Who's Who at Ridgway Pictures

A - Bur But - Gau Gil - Kuh Kur - Ora

O'Ro - Sco

Sei - You You - Helpers

Ridgeway 2005 Pictures
Highest priced Auction Sculpture - Dayton Scoggins


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German Carvers Ridgway 2005




Rick Woodward's Carving Travel Photo's Ridgway 2005

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Ed & Brenda Howell's Chainsaw Carving Camp Pictures 2005

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Carving In The Ozarks Festival

1st place main event  Sam Dunning $200, chainsaw, Adrian Steel Diamond Plate Truck Tool Box
2nd place main event Dayton Scoggins  $100, Blower,
3rd place main event Brent Butler Jonsered helmet, ear muffs, and gloves

1st place AM Quick carve Sam Dunning $150, 20" color Sanyo TV
2nd place Am quick carve Dayton Scoggins $75, Gas Blower
3rd place Am Quick carve Brian Parr Jonsered helmet, ear muffs and gloves

1st place PM Quick carve Dayton Scoggins $150, 20" color Sanyo TV
2nd place PM Quick carve James w Offutt $75, Gas Blower
3rd place PM Quick carve Luke Harris, and Brent Butler tie.

Total money raised in auction $11,000.00

Carving In The Ozarks Festival Pictures

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Wangaratta Competition Pictures


Scandia Event Pictures


Reedsport Event Pictures

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Masters of the Chainsaw Carvers

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