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Bears and Company
Roy Pilcher
Chainsaw art from Devils Tower Wyoming

Chainsaw Carving Art Directory | Chain saw art, furniture and wood carvings from U.S. and Canadian artists and companies (part of the family of Rustic Directories). See us listed there!

Chainsaw Carvers Museum
Old carving pictures from the past, old chainsaw pictures, and related carving tool pictures.
Artist from far and near show their work in our Chainsaw Art Galleries and Arts & Craft Galleries

United Chainsaw Carvers Guild
The United Chainsaw Carvers Guild is an organization of chainsaw carvers with members in several countries worldwide. Our purpose is to promote the art of chainsaw carving and serve as an artistic reservoir for the cultural exchange of this art. It functions as a bridge for national and international cooperative programs and educational opportunities. It supports publications to enhance the enjoyment and skills of chainsaw carvers everywhere by freely sharing knowledge, experience and friendship for the mutual benefit of all.

Personal Chainsaw Carvers Sites

Appalachian Arts Studio
Appalachian Arts Studio
Rick Boni
Learning Arts Facility specializing in Chainsaw Carving and Pottery

Arthur  Smith
Steuben, Maine 04680
Down East Maine's own chainsaw sculptor Arthur Smith born in Harrington, Maine raised in the woods of Maine and Steuben ,he lived all his life in Washington county .now with his wife Marie who also paints all the sculptures and adds beauty to them a self taught chainsaw artist among other crafts that he has mastered such as basket making ,  painting Maine sceneries and wildlife painting .and native walking sticks , clubs. he creates the tiny humming bird from a block of white pine with all the details with a chainsaw a remarkable realistic feature to say the least. He is surely one of down East Maine's own chainsaw artists proud to display his work at his home for all to see. great blue herons owls , robin's  and many many more , porcupines , you can see any of Maine's animals and bird's sitting in front of his rustic old log cabin.

Bears Den
Bears Den
Eddy Hoots
Seasoned chainsaw carved Bears

Bear Necessities Sculpture LLC
Bear Necessities Scupture LLC
Bob King
Chainsaw Carvings finished with power tools.

Kay Jackson
Bears eagles Welcome to! What is a Chainsaw Woodcarving Show? We wanted to take a moment and speak a little bit about our site and what it holds for you. We have been carving for 13 years now and for the last 8 years have made a nice home in Branson Missouri. Since I have started carving I have sold over 13,000 pieces. We want you to feel confident in the purchase you make so please, if you have any questions feel free to email us

Murray Berger
Sculptures and Photography

Chainsaw Creations by Barry Frank
Chainsaw Creations
Barry Frank
Quality wood sculptures created by chainsaw.","Chainsaw Creations

Chainsaw Evolutions
Chainsaw Evolutions
Mike Murray
Chainsaw carvings of bears, fish, flowers or whatever I decide to create.

Sunio Groeschen
Jessie Sunio Groeschen
B3:  Submit
The work of Jessie Groeschen
Chainsaw-carving UK

J.W.'s Custom Carving's
J.W.'s Custom Carving's
James Denkins
Specializing in realistic human

Lance-saw-lot Carvings
Lance-saw-lot Carvings
Lance Rigby
Quality chainsaw carvings.  Bears, eagles and various kinds of wildlife.  Commissions and special orders are welcome.

Masters of the Chainsaw
Jen W Ruth
Booking agency for some of the most respected carvers in the industry since 1992

Paul Frenette
Chainsaw carvings, chisel carvings, fine sculpture and various other art media

Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous
Appalachian Arts Studio
Rick and Liz Boni
The largest Chainsaw Carving  event in the world.

Robbins Amazing Art
Robbins Amazing Art
Robbin Wenzoski
Fine sculpture to chainsaw carvings & everything in between

Kunst mit der Motorsäge
Perry Sutton

The Bear Guy
The Bear Guy
Robert Waits
Wyoming's Finest Woodcarvings

Timber Art
Michael Martineau
From the back roads of New Hampshire come beautiful solid wood carvings.

U. P. Chainsaw Art
Milton Lowden
Chain saw carving art made of black cherry wood,  bears, eagles, wolves, wolf, birds, Indian

Vandweller Sculpture
Vandweller Sculpture
Chris Wright
Galleries of Chris Wright® (
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