About Us

Woodcarving is probably one of the oldest hobbies of human history after cave painting. Even in this age of countless recreational sources, it is still a way to relieve stress, focus and express creativity.

In the past decade, people considered woodcarving as an activity people should do only on their vacations and camping. Only artists and sculptors use carving as their way of living. But now many people find this hobby relaxing and it brings joy to creating art pieces. Most probably they realized that the screen of devices only jumbles our mind, no matter how recreational it is. 

However, chainsawcarvinghistory is not a site that works only on chainsaw carving. In fact, it mainly works with woodcarving. All the equipment, techniques, and design ideas of woodcarving are shared here. 

How it Started

I picked my wood carving hobby from my grandfather. We used to go camping in nearby woods and make figurines with a wilting knife. Still now, those are my fond memories. Maybe that is the reason behind my passion for woodcarving. 

My passion helped me pursue to master my wood carving skills. After finishing school I joined a fine art institution to train myself in higher level woodcarving. Till now, I have used every woodcarving tool available in the market, but the chainsaw is my favorite. It makes doing the work fast, easy, needs few strokes and most importantly, the work is large to show everyone. 

Many acquaintances of mine have expressed their interest to me about chainsaw wood carving for the same reason: it requires less time and tools to master compared to other forms of woodcarving. They also encouraged me to build a site and document my works, and my techniques. So this is how chainsawcarvinghistory began

How Far It Has Come

Now, chainsawcarvinghistory not only shown my chainsaw carvings, but also other woodcarvings. Here, apart from the techniques I use to make simple, easy, and artistic works, you will get ideas about which tools to use to get started carving. There are different levels of woodcarving and each level requires a different set of tools. On this site, you will get a clear idea about how to start c=wood carving as a hobby, how to buy the tools, how to use those, and everything you need to know about wood carving. 


I expect my audience to interact with me if they have any queries about woodcarving. Please try sharing your woodcarving samples and completed works with me. I have seen my students do remarkable work that I can’t resist trying on my own.

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Jack Aaron
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