About Us

Hey! I’m Jack Aaron, Welcome to my personal blog chainsawcarvinghistory.com!

Wood carving is my passion that’s why I’ve chosen this as my profession.

I am carving woods for over 12 years and for wood carving, the chainsaw is my most favorite tool. It can easily shave and shape woods within a short time.

And the latest versions of chainsaw are handier and comfortable to work with than before.

Yes! I’ve witnessed many changes in this tool as I’m in this carving industry for more than a decade. Even the working procedure has also changed!

A few days back, my nephew came to me to learn about carving as he also loves carving. While talking to him, I thought about the idea of creating this blog to inform other newbies, like my nephew.

Here I’ll tell you everything I know about chainsaw and chainsaw carving from my experience. And as I’m determined to carve for the rest of my life, I’ll also share the latest information about this industry.

Though I’ll try to share everything gradually from my experience, if want to know anything which is not included yet, you can ask me to write about it. I’ll try my best to help you with the resource.

Jack Aaron
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