How to Put a Chain Back on a Chainsaw in 3 Simple Steps

how to put a chain back on a chainsaw

If you are dealing with chainsaw frequently, you have already known that chainsaws need to be checked regularly. Even sometimes you may need to replace some parts to get smooth performance.

And to do this first thing you need to do is put out the chain from the saw. That means, knowing the process of removing and putting the chain back on its place is the basic skill while working with a chainsaw.

If you’re a beginner, you may think it may be a complicated job to do. But believe me, once you’ve learned the tricks you’ll be able to do it in a no time.

I’ve tried to share the process I follow to remove my chain from the saw in this article.

You can have a look at this, hope you’ll get some idea about it.

But before removing and replacing the chain, you need to get prepared with some proper tools & equipment.

1. Gloves:

Use your working gloves to protect your hands. Because if the chain of your saw is new, you may get cut with the sharp edges of the chain. You can also use rubber or leather gloves, but they aren’t able to protect your hand and also they won’t fit on your hand properly.

2. Chainsaw Wrench:

For removing or replacing the chain you need to loosen or tighten up the side panel or the bar. Depending on the model you have, use a chainsaw wrench or a screwdriver.

3. Chainsaw Tightening Tool:

You can use this tool to loosen the chain to remove it or also tighten the chain while putting it back on the saw. A flathead screwdriver may also work great to do this, you can also check this tool if your machine needs.

4. Cleaning Brush:

As you’re removing the chain to clean replace any parts of the saw, you definitely will clean the chain. So get a cleaning brush to clean the brush thoroughly.

How to Put a Chain Back on Saw:

Once you’re done with cleaning or replacing the parts of your chainsaw, it’s time to put it back again on the saw. For this, you can follow these simple steps-

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1. Prepare Your Saw and Chain:

First thing before putting back the chain on its place is placing your saw on a flat surface. Now remove the casing aka side panel of your saw so that you have access to the bar then remove its guide bar.

After done with the chainsaw, you need to prepare the chain. If you have a new chain to replace the old one, check the direction of the cutting teeth and be sure that all are in the right direction.

And if you’re putting the old one back, you may need to sharpen it if needed to save your time while working with the chainsaw.

2. Clean the Bar and Side Panel:

As you’ve dismantled your chainsaw, clean the side panel and bar before putting the chain back on the saw. Use the cleaning brush and get rid of all sawdust and debris that has been gathered during carving or cutting trees with it. Otherwise, they may create clog on your saw and decrease its torque & performance.

3. Attach the Chain:

When you’re done with cleaning the saw, it’s time to put the chain back in the place. So put it back, make sure that this is the right size or length for your saw and its teeth are faced in the correct way.

When you’re sure that the chain is placed properly, put the bar on it and screw it if needed. Put the chain over the tip along with the guide bar, tighten it with your tightening tool and put the cover of the saw back on.


From the above discussion hope you’ve got that removing and replacing the chain of your chainsaw is an important skill you need to know.

And as I’ve mentioned above, the method of replacing the chain is very simple and easy. Just follow these steps I’ve mentioned and you’ll be able to do it efficiently.

If you learn this properly you’ll be able to clean your chainsaw whenever needed so this will be able to perform well for a long time.

If you apply these simple 3 steps, don’t forget to let me know!

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