What is the Best Wood for Carving

what is the best wood for carving

You’ll find different types of woods with different types of quality, texture, characteristics and pattern. But all of them are not suitable for woodcarving. So you need to be careful at the time of selecting wood for carving. The first thing you need to know before starting wood carving is you should select a flexible but sturdy piece of wood. …

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How to Clean Chainsaw Air Filter

how to clean chainsaw air filter (1)

If you use your chainsaw for cutting or carving wood, you already know this type of job produces huge sawdust and debris which also gets into your saw. When specks of dirt get into your chainsaw it affects its performance as the air filter can’t work properly. But clean air is essential for the tool as it makes the engine …

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Chainsaw Wood Carving for Beginners

chainsaw wood carving for beginners

Every man has a hobby. They always try to learn new things and nourish their hobbies whenever they get any chance. In my case I’ve many of them. Yes, you can call me a man of many hobbies. And driven by my hobbies I’ve learned camping, skiing, playing the piano, violin, painting, woodworking or carving and finally wood carving has …

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